Road Warriors

  • Project name: Road Warriors / Intergalactic Road Warriors
  • Timeline: Nov 2016 - Jul 2017
  • Platform(s): iOS / Android
  • Responsibilities: Artist / Programmer / Game Designer
  • Game engine: Unity

The Intergalactic Grand Prix

You have been invited to join the intergalactic grand prix.There are no rules at all, except for one: reach the finish line.

This was the premise for Intergalactic Road Warriors, a game we started working on late 2016.


The development of this game was a bumpy ride. We went from Steam Greenlight to Early Access and eventually ended up on the App Store as a freemium title.

The game has received thousands of 5 star reviews and has been downloaded over 2 million times!

Road Warriors: dream project

We worked on Road Warriors in a team of 2, a programmer and an artist.

All of the art & design of the game was done by me and it was kind of a dream project. A racing game set in a sci-fi saturday morning cartoon universe? Sign me up! Over the course of a year I designed backgrounds, characters, FX and UI. Everything that's visible in the game (and outside of it) was made by my hand.

Off course that also meant doing some of the more boring parts, like localizing screenshots in all languages etc. But all in all, a dream project that’s helped me grow as an artist tremendously

The Prototype

Almost every game starts with a prototype, Road Warriors is no different. I made this prototype on a rainy afternoon using the game engine Construct 2.  It's pretty minimal for a prototype, but the combination of driving physics + a retro chicken firing a gun was good enough for us.

Feel free to play around with the prototype! A mouse and keyboard is required though.


  • A & D keys: Move the car
  • Space: Jump
  • Mouse: Control Cluck's gun

The Road Warriors

We wanted user expression through customization to be a big part of the game from the start. This meant the game needed a big cast of characters and equally crazy vehicles.

Shown above is an iteration of the character select screen from the Steam version of the game. In that period we where still targeting consoles as a primary release platform.

Making small dudes

I chose to make the characters small and minimal. The tiny sprites could easily be placed behind the vehicle sprites and it would instantly look right. With some subtle motion tweens for landing impacts the drivers looked pretty convincing.

Because of this we where able to put more then 30 different playable characters in the game!

Building Cars

Cars in Road Warriors are separated into several parts: Front, Back, Mid, Wheels and Decoration. I work with a 'parts master' Photoshop file to ensure the parts always aligned.


The Desert Sands

Inspired by Mad Max the Fury Road, this desert world is the first world Cluck and his companions visits. This tileset has changed a lot during development and has switched to a more vibrant color scheme in the final version of the game

Lava World

This gif really shows what Intergalactic Road Warriors is about. Going very very fast.

I added cliff 3d meshes to give a real sense of scale, further enhancing the feeling of speed.

Traveling the Galaxy

For the first Road Warriors content patch I made several neat systems for the galaxy map.

The lens flare is actually a 3d mesh that uses vertex colors to power the flare material. This way the flare can be scaled any way you want without losing quality.

Cinematic Chickens

I’ve composed several shots just for use in trailers. Most of the time these we’re made in Adobe After Effects, but sometimes just using Photoshop.

The final game trailer was made in Adobe Premiere.


Animated Stickers

As an extra pleaser for Apple I made a collection of animated stickers for iMessage. These were a lot fun to make, drawn in Photoshop and animated in After Effects.

Prototype Sketches

I first made prototype animations with simple sketches to test if the expressions were fun to use. 

You’re still here?

I hope you’ve enjoyed browsing through some of my Road Warriors work. There's actually a ton of other work like sketches, sound effects, UI stuff, promo artwork etc. If you're interested to see more you're always welcome to drop me an email.